Big Data

Big Data



Our online courses range from Data Analyst, Data Scientist, to Data Engineer. Familiarise with languages of R & Python, Hadoop big data framework, Apache Spark, how to apply predictive analytics in business, & how to use MongoDB to store data. Some applications of how big data can help our businesses are depicted below:



By Making Use of Data Analytics, to Potentially Grow Your Business


  • Identifying Relatively More Profitable Customers
  • Discerning Under-sales Target Products
  • Early Identification of Sales, Profit & Profit Ratio Trends
  • Determining Any Price Adjustment Needed
  • Increasing Cost Effectiveness


Degree of Fulfilling of Sales Target Analysis


Analysis by product segment & product category to find out areas meeting or exceeding sales targets, to identify any areas actions need to be taken.


Customer Analysis


You can discover more profitable & relatively higher sales generating customers – Ranking customers by profit ratio & sales, performing profit performance by region. Gaining valuable insights, e.g. in determining marketing budget allocation to increase cost effectiveness.


Product Analysis


Analysis of sales by product category, & product & regional level to check if products are correctly priced.


Sales Analysis


Analyse trends of sales, profits, profit ratio, e.g. by different geographic regions.




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