Human Resources (HR) Department

Human Resources (HR) Department


Practical projects (which are often real business cases) of our online courses pertaining to Human Resources Department:





Job Placement Co in US – Develop a System to Track Jobs Posted & Candidate Response – Software Development


(Course: Salesforce Administrator & App Builder)

For a placement company in US, track jobs posted by recruiters as well as candidate responses.



Design Employee Management System & User Authentication – Software Development


(Course: Angular Training)

Develop a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Display) application using Angular and Bootstrap to design and maintain an employee management system



Based on Data from Google, Netflix, and Facebook, Analyzing Employee Sentiment – Big Data


(Course: Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer)

Learn how to perform sentiment analysis on employee review data gathered from Google, Netflix, and Facebook.



IBM – Attrition Analysis – Big Data


(Course: Data Science Certification Training – R Programming)

Help IBM identify factors influencing employee attrition by building logistics regression model to predict employee churn.





Creating Employee Management System to Automate Regulation Creation & Closure – Software Development


(Course: Java Certification Training)

Create a new system to automate the regulation creation and closure process.



Amazon – Using Data Analytics, Building Model Automatically Decides Staff Access Rights – Big Data


(Course: Machine Learning Certification Course)

Use data of Amazon employees & their respective access permissions, to build a model that automatically decides access privileges, as employees enter & leave roles within Amazon.



Implementing Security and PaaS Service using Azure Portal – Cloud Computing


(Course: Azure Cloud Architect Master Programme)

OSS Corporation has decided to onboard an employee on the co’s default Azure Active Directory & assign Custom RBAC role, able to read network, storage along with VM. Under this custom RBAC, the employee should also be given permission to start & restart the VM.