IT Department – Software Development

IT Department – Software Development



E-commerce Website – Implement Common e-commerce Application Features


(Course: Selenium Training)

Learn how to implement common ecommerce application features typically found on ecommerce website.



Home Insurance – Building a Web Application Allowing Customers to Buy Home Insurance


(Course: Java Certification Training)

Build a system that helps individuals buy insurance for a home through a web application.



HR – Creating Employee Management System to Automate Regulation Creation & Closure


(Course: Angular Training)

Create a new system to automate the regulation creation and closure process.




E-commerce – Create Responsive Java e-commerce Web Application – Software Development


(Course: Full Stack Java Developer Master Program & Full Stack – Mean Stack)

Create dynamic & responsive Java e-commerce web application using technologies, e.g. Angular, Hibernate, MYSQL, and Docker.



Create Online Web Test Application – Software Development


(Course: Angular Training)

You would learn how to create & design an online web test application in Angular with just few lines of code.



Hospital – Write Application for Hospital Reception to Check & Allow Patients’ Registration


(Course: Python Training)

Write an application in Django for a hospital receptionist – With features which can check if patient is already registered, & if not, register the patient.