Medical Industry

Medical Industry



For Medical Industry, below online courses contain practical projects particularly relevant:


Hospital – Write Application for Reception to Check & Allow Patients’ Registration – Software Development


(Course: Python Training)

Write an application in Django for a hospital receptionist – With features which can check if patient is already registered, & if not, register the patient.




Online Doctor’s Clinic Application – Deploy on Cloud


(Course: Cloud Architect Master Programme)

For a healthcare co, deploy an online doctor’s clinic application on cloud, as a Cloud Architect.



Health App – Build a Dynamic App for Effective Diagnosis & Health Advice – Software Development


(Course: Full Stack Java Developer Master Program & Full Stack – Mean Stack)

Build dynamic & effective healthcare app. Create rich UI for effective diagnosis & health advice with Angular, JavaScript ES6 etc.



Hospital – Holistic Health System – Analyse Performance of Point-of-service (POS) – Lean Six Sigma


(Course: Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt)

Analyze Holistic Health Systems’ point-of-service collection performance of a hospital.