Telecom Industry

Telecom Industry



Following online courses have practical projects relevant to Telecom Industry:


Global Telecom Co – Comcast – Improve Customer Satisfaction & Identify Areas for Improvement – Big Data


(Course: Data Science Online Training – R Programming)

To improve customer satisfaction, identify & improve problem areas, & provide recommendations for Comcast, US-based global telecom co.


Telecom Co – Scaling 15 Years Call Data Centre Database to Comply with New Regulations – Big Data (Course: MongoDB Developer and Administrator)


Using Mongo DB for Call Data & Analysis to help a telecom company. Gain exposure to scale call centre database to store 15 years of calling data to comply with new government regulations.


UK Mobile Co – Customer Service Process Management – Software Development


(Course: Salesforce Administrator & App Builder)

UK-based mobile company – Learn how to keep track of customers who have reported problems with their mobile phones, types of issues, and how to make the system efficient.