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Financing & Capital Raising Professional™ (FCRP™) is a professional designation on raising financing & capital for companies. The  FCRP™ Programme is very practical, based on distinguished seasoned investment banking, banking, and finance executives’ and professionals’ experiences.

FCRP™ is awarded by International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) of United Kingdom.



FCRP™ Registration


To enrol for the FCRP Programme, you have to:

(i)  First register & pay the registration fees (pls scroll down till the end, or click here).

(ii) Next, you would receive email notification to pay course tuition fees to enrol.

Please refer to FCRP™- Registration & Enrolment of our website.



*  For some countries/places where online academic qualifications (such as Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Post-graduate Diploma etc.) are not allowed to be offered due to regulations / local laws etc., NO Post-graduate Diploma would be awarded upon completing the FCRP™ Programme. In such countries/places, only the FCRP™ designation awarded by IPMA would be awarded, upon fulfilling the qualification requirements.

In such countries/places, since Master Degrees are not allowed to be offered online, exemptions of FCR Online MBA for FCRP graduates are also NOT applicable.



Due to COVID-19, to we have broken down course fees of FCRP™ into 4 instalments, i.e. semi-annually, instead of annually. So for each instalment, a relatively smaller sum is now payable.

Financing & Capital Raising Professional™ (FCRP™) – Registration Fee

Duration: 104 week


Financing & Capital Raising Professional™ (FCRP™) – Registration Fee

Financing & Capital Raising Professional™ (FCRP™): An innovative, unique & practical programme on financing & capital raising for Cos. Upon completion, you would: (1) Be awarded FCRP™ designation by International…