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DevOps Certification Online Training

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Course Description

DevOps certification training helps you gain expertise in the principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration, & IT service agility, using DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Cucumber, Ansible, TeamCity, & Nagios. You will learn the various aspects of DevOps delivery model.



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Course Delivery
  • Online self-paced learning: 20 hours
  • Virtual classroom training: 36 hours

Total blended online training: 56 hours


  • 56 hours of blended learning
  • Over 10 industry projects with integrated labs
  • 24 live demos of popular DevOps tools

This DevOps course will give you a deep dive into DevOps tools and methodologies, enough to prepare you to excel in your next role as DevOps Practitioner. You will earn the Simplilearn DevOps certification that will attest to your new skills and on-the-job expertise.


Skills to be Learned
  • DevOps methodologies
  • Version control systems
  • Continuous integration and deployment tools Jenkins TeamCity Maven
  • Software and automation testing frameworks
  • Configuration management tools Puppet Chef Ansible Saltstack
  • Containerization with Docker
  • Continuous monitoring with Nagios Grafana ELK Stack
  • Cloud on DevOps
  • Deploying Kubernetes clusters


Award upon Successful Completion
“Certificate of Achievement” in DevOps Certification Training Course from Simplilearn


Awarding Organisation



Learning Outcomes
  • After completing the DevOps training course you will achieve hands-on expertise in various aspects of the DevOps delivery model. By the end of this course, you will be able to acquire the following skills
  • Describe DevOps and DevSecOps methodologies and their key concepts Explain the types of version control systems, continuous integration tools, continuous monitoring tools, and cloud models
  • Work in Git with GitHub and Git with Bitbucket
  • Configure your private Jenkins and TeamCity tools, Jenkins with Java, Git, and Maven Set up a test-driven development framework with Junit 5 and a behavior-driven development framework with Cucumber
  • Work on the creation of Docker containers, Registry, Docker Compose, Docker Hub, and Docker Networking; describe the importance of Grafana and ELK Stack; perform demonstration on Nagios
  • Describe the importance of cloud in DevOps, use of AWS in DevOps, and deploy your private Kubernetes cluster
  • Set up your complete private infrastructure using version control systems and CI/CD tools




Course-end Quiz


Course-end Projects

The course includes four real-world, industry-based projects. Successful evaluation of one of the following projects is a part of the certification eligibility criteria:

  • Project 1: Dockerizing Jenkins Pipeline

Demonstrate the continuous integration and delivery by Dockerizing Jenkins Pipeline.


  • Project2: Manage and Monitor the Docker Containers with Dry Tool

Install Dry, demonstrate its interaction with Docker containers and images, and monitor it.


  • Project 3: Deploy Angular Application in Docker Container

Deploy the Angular application in Docker, which should be built with the Angular CLI along with Docker Compose for development and production.


  • Project 4: Automated Delivery of WordPress Application on Kubernetes

Deploy the WordPress application to the Kubernetes cluster, automate the delivery with Jenkins, and manage the source code versions on GitHu


Completion Criteria for this Online Course
  • 85% completion of online self-paced learning or attendance of one live virtual classroom
  • Successful evaluation in at least one project


Who Should Enrol
  • Software developers
  • Technical project managers
  • Architects
  • Operations support
  • Deployment engineers
  • IT managers
  • Development managers



Learners taking this online DevOps training course must be from a technical background with an understanding of Linux fundamentals, Web Development fundamentals, and Java fundamentals.


Course Overview
Course 1 – Course Introduction
Course 2 – Introduction to DevOps
Course 3 – Version Control Systems
Course 4 – Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Build Tools
Course 5 – Software and Automation Testing Frameworks
Course 6 – Configuration Management Tools
Course 7 – Containerization with Docker
Course 8 – Continuous Monitoring
Course 9 – Need of Cloud in DevOps
Course 10 – Practice Projects
Free Course – Fundamentals of JavaScript
Free Course – Linus Training


Access Period of Course

1 year from date of enrolment


Customer Reviews
Sachin Sheri

CSM, Prince2 Practitioner, DevOps Practitioner

DevOps is a vast field with many tools. I attended the virtual class-room course on DevOps Practitioner. The course content and coverage has been very helpful to me as I begin my DevOps journey. The Course gives me the right pointers and resources to enhance my knowledge and enable my pursuit of a career in DevOps.


Bhupinder Saini

Senior Software Engineer at Gemalto

The content was very interesting and helpful. The trainer shared a lot of real examples with us, which helped us have a better learning experience. Thank you Simplilearn.


Manisundaram Balakrishnan

Team Lead (Customer Experience) at Mindtree Ltd

The trainer’s in-depth knowledge on the subject helped me understand DevOps better. The course content is very informative and the trainer’s expertise helped me learn about the challenges involved with implementing DevOp.


Minal Deshmukh

Senior System Software Specialist at HPE

The training was very well conducted. The course content is very informative and the trainer gives sufficient time to explore on the lab, which is really helpful. The trainer explained the concepts with clarity and provided in-depth details.

Course Features

  • Students 1 student
  • Max Students1000
  • Duration56 hour
  • Skill levelintermediate
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take course1000
  • Lesson 1 - Course Introduction
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  • Lesson 2 - Introduction to DevOps
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  • Lesson 3 - Version Control System
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  • Lesson 4 - Continusous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Build Tools
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  • Lesson 5 - Software and Automation Testing Frameworks
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  • Lesson 6 - Configuration Mangement Tools
    No items in this section
  • Lesson 7 - Containerization with Docker
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  • Lesson - 8 - Continuous Moniotoring
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  • Lesson 9 - Need of Cloud in DevOps
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  • Lesson 10 - Practice Projects
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