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Digital Transformation + Intro to Data Analysis

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Course Description

This online course of Digital Transformation Course for Leaders + Intro to Data Analysis combo would give you a general overview of how the new technologies are impacting business.  This online course also covers  background knowledge of how cos are making use of Big Data to help unleash business potential & achieve growth.


Course 1 – Digital Transformation Course for Leaders

Digital Transformation Course for Leaders is designed to help you transform into a digital leader. This online course will give you an overview of digital transformation, why it is necessary in today’s world, and how it significantly impacts key industries.

In this online course, you will be encouraged to take risks and drive digital culture in your organization. You also will learn to become more customer-centric, innovative, and strategic to ensure complete business fit and extensive growth.


Course 2 – Introduction to Data Analytics

This Data Analytics course introduces beginners to the fundamental concepts of data analytics through real-world case studies and examples. You would learn about project lifecycles, the difference between data analytics, data science, and machine learning; building an analytics framework, and using analytics tools to draw business insights.


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Course Delivery

Online self-paced learning: 2.5 hours for Course1 and 3 hours for Course 2 

Total online self-paced learning of 2 courses:  5.5 hours


This online is entitled to 5% off bundle discount. Original total fees is USD1,398, and after discount becomes USD1,328.


Course 1 – Digital Transformation Course for Leaders
  • 2.5 hours of self-paced videos
  • Assessment Test on completion of the course
  • Comprehensive, up-to-date content
  • 10 high-quality chapters

The application of digital technology has resulted in changes in all aspects of human society; therefore, organizations must embrace digital transformation in order to thrive.

Digital transformation refers to the strategic transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, and business models to fully leverage digital technology. This course will help you build strategic depth and business acumen to drive business solutions and ensure seamless execution.


Course 2 – Introduction to Data Analytics
  • 3 hours of online self-paced learning
  • Real-world case studies and examples

The online course caters to CxO-level and middle management professionals who want to improve their ability to derive business value and ROI from analytics.

This Data Analytics for beginners online course is also ideal for anyone who wishes to learn the fundamentals of data analytics and pursue a career in this growing field.


Skills to be Learned

    Courses 1 to 2 of this comprehensive course would enable you to acquire pivotal background knowledge required for the Digital Age as a general overview, while the second course focusing on big data.

    Course 1 – Digital Transformation Course for Leaders
    • Digital Transformation
    • Business Analytics and Big Data
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Blockchain and IOT
    • Robotics Process Automation
    • Cloud and Devops
    • Digital Marketing
    • Virtual and Augmented Reality


    Course 2 – Introduction to Data Analytics
    • Types of data analytics
    • Frequency distribution plots
    • Swarm plots
    • Data visualization
    • Data science methodologies
    • Analytics adoption frameworks
    • Trends in data analytics



    Total 2 “Certificate of Achievements” for each respective course, upon successful completion of each course:


    Course 1 – Digital Transformation Course for Leaders
    “Certificate of Achievement” in Digital Transformation from Simplilearn



    Course 2 – Introduction to Data Analytics
    “Certificate of Achievement” in Introduction to Data Analytics from Simplilearn



    Awarding Organisation


    Learning Outcomes
    Course 1 – Digital Transformation Course for Leaders

    At the end of Digital Transformation Course for Leaders training, you will be able to:

    • Transform how a company operates and engages with customers by leveraging technologies and data and performing an in-depth analysis of how current processes can be improved
    • Prioritize and optimize the business process to gain maximum returns
    • Implement the changes that are planned and analyze the impact Create a rollout plan with clearly identified roles, responsibilities, and timelines, and drive business outcomes
    • Automate the entire process, resulting in increased productivity and acceleration of growth and sales
    • Come up with innovative business strategies, effective operational procedures, and disruptive marketing approaches


    Course 2 – Introduction to Data Analytics
    • Understand how to solve analytical problems in real-world scenarios
    • Define effective objectives for analytics projects
    • Work with different types of data
    • Understand the importance of data visualization to drive more effective business decisions and ROI
    • Understand charts, graphs, and tools used for analytics and use them to gain valuable insights
    • Create an analytics adoption framework Identify upcoming trends in data analytics


    For Both Courses 1 & 2: Course-end assessments


    Course Completion Criteria
    For Both Courses 1 to 2
      • Complete the self-pace learning
      • Obtain 80% in the Simulation Test


      Who Should Enrol
      • Entrepreneurs
      • CEOs/CXOs
      • Marketing managers
      • Business analysts
      • Quality analysts
      • Data analysts
      • Product managers
      • Project managers
      • Anyone wants to further studies in any of the areas covered in this course
      • Anyone interested in learning fundamental knowledge required for the Digital Age



      There are no prerequisite knowledge requirements.


      Course Overview
      Course 1 – Digital Transformation Course for Leaders

      Lesson 1 – Introduction to Digital Transformation 

      Lesson 2 – Blueprint of Digital Transformation

      Lesson 3 – Driving a Digital Culture and Mindset

      Lesson 4 – Business Analytics and Big Data

      Lesson 5 – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

      Lesson 6 – Blockchain and IOT

      Lesson 7 – Robotics Process Automation

      Lesson 8 – Cloud and DevOps

      Lesson 9 – Digital Marketing

      Lesson 10 – Virtual and Augmented Reality

      Lesson 11 – 3D Printing

      Lesson 12 – Conclusion and Next Steps


      Course 2 – Introduction to Data Analytics

      Lesson 01 – Data Analytics Overview

      Lesson 02 – Dealing with Different Types of Data

      Lesson 03 – Data Visualization for Decision making

      Lesson 04 – Data Science Data Analytics and Machine Learning

      Lesson 05 – Data Science Methodology

      Lesson 06 – Data Analytics in Different Sectors

      Lesson 07 – Analytics Framework and Latest Trends


      Access Period of Course

      1 year from date of enrolment


      Course Features

      • Students 0 student
      • Max Students1000
      • Duration5 hour
      • Skill levelall
      • LanguageEnglish
      • Re-take course1000


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