Expert Programmes – Enrolment

Expert Programmes – Enrolment

Expert Programmes (EPs) include online courses referred to as Master Programmes on Simplilearn’s website, which are renamed as Master Certification Programmes or Master Certification (Online) Courses / Trainings on our website for clarity purpose, & other online courses.


(1) Courses in Partnership with Simplilearn & its Collaborating Partners


(2) SimpliLearn’s Courses in Alignment with Professional Qualification Examinations


(a) Online Pure Distance Learning Courses


For enrolment for (1) & (2) (a), please click here.


(b) Professional Qualification Exams


For enrolment of professional qualification exams, pls. enrol with respective Professional Body directly. Separate exam fees as specified by the Professional Body is required.


Online courses in partnership with Simplilearn are pure distance learning courses, & are not subject to registration requirements in HK.