Expert Programmes – Overview

Expert Programmes – Overview

Our Expert Programmes (EPs) are online pure distance learning courses (PDLCs) providing relatively deep dive learning into the subject area, generally technical knowledge. Our EPs including online courses in partnership with Simplilearn currently cover below areas:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Bank financing
  • Big data
  • Block chain
  • Capital raising
  • Cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital marketing
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Sales
  • Technology

Types of Courses


(1) Courses in Partnership with Simplilearn & its Collaborating Partner

(2) Courses in Alignment with Professional Qualification Exams


* Remarks:

On Simplilearn’s website, such online courses are also referred to as “Master Programmes”. To avoid any potential misunderstanding & provide clearer distinction from “Master Degrees”, such online courses are renamed as “Master Certification (Online) Programmes” or Master Certification (Online) Courses” 



(1) Courses Co-developed by Simplilearn & Its Collaborating Partners


Re our partnership with Simplilearn, the online courses include courses co-developed with Simplilearn’s Collaborating Partners, e.g.:


(2) Simplilearn’s Courses in Alignment with Professional Exams


(a) Online Courses Only


Simplilearn’s courses content in alignment with professional exams of professional bodies may prepare participants for such professional exam. However, you have to enrol additionally for the professional exam, separately & directly with the Professional Body. Examples:


(b) Professional Qualification Exam


For enrolment of professional qualification exam, pls. enrol with the respectively professional body directly.

To enrol for EPs, please press here.



Qualification & Award


Each course may lead to different certificates & qualifications. Pls. read course description carefully, including qualification & award, as well as course completion criteria & qualification requirements.

For courses co-developed by Simplilearn and Collaborating Partners / Professional Body, the certificate may have logos of both Simplilearn and that particular co-developing co / Professional Body. Examples:

Collaborating Partners:


Professional Bodies:


(i) Separate & Direct Enrolment for Professional Exam Required
Our course fee does NOT include professional qualification exam fee. Separate enrolment of the professional exam by our course participant is required, which course participants should be solely responsible themselves.


(ii) Certificates

For both (1) & (2),  depending on the course, & subject to fulfilling relevant course completion criteria / certification requirements of the online course,  different certificates may be issued.

  • For some courses, you would be awarded certificate with logos of both Simplilearn and its Collaborating Partners/Professional Body. 
  • For other courses, separate certificates may be issued, each issued by Simplilearn and its Collaborating Partner respectively.
  • In addition, there are also courses which entitle you to Simplilearn’s certificate only.


(iii) Course Completion Criteria / Certification Requirements

Examples of course completion criteria / certification requirements of online courses:  Attainment of minimum results for quizz(es) /assignment(s)/project(s) etc., minimum attendance for live classes etc.



Depending on the online course, assessment of each EP may be different. In general, for many of our Expert Programmes, short quizzes may be included at end of each lesson.

In general, assessment consists of:

  • Short quiz at the end of each lesson/section, and
  •  Assignment, &/or
  •  Practice Project, &/or
  •  Business Project etc.

Assessment may differ for each course. Please read course description before enrolling.



Course Delivery  


  •  Pre-recorded self-paced online lessons. Access period:  1 year after enrolment
  •  Live online virtual classes for selected topics
  •  Where relevant, may have access to online lab 




(1) Our Expert Programmes (EPs) are online pure distance courses, & are not subject to registration requirements in HK. 

(2) Each course may differ in terms of award, assessment etc. Please read the course description carefully before enrolling.

(3) For online course in Partnership with Simplilearn, which Is Collaborating with Professional Bodies, course fee does NOT include professional qualification exam fee. Separate enrolment of professional exam directly with the Professional Body by course participant is required. PTI, Simplilearn, & Our PDLC Partners are NOT responsible.