FAQs – General


1.  How are-books published by PTI different from other e-books or books?

Answer: The e-books of PTI are based on practical experiences of our senior executives or other professionals etc. We target the knowledge enhanced can be readily applied to your work, instead of purely academic theoretical knowledge.


2. What are the benefits to purchase e-books or other products of PTI?

Answer: PTI’s overall objective it to equip you with practical knowledge, so that you will be in better position to outperform your peers, to achieve business growth and success. Consequently, it is anticipated you would have in a better position to escalate the career ladder, with expected ultimate outcome of attaining a successful career.


3. What forms of payment are accepted by PTI?

Answer: PTI only accepts credit card payment. Please take note that no cheque payment will be accepted.


4. When I am making payment for purchase in Shopping Cart, what information do I need to provide?

Answer: When making payment, similar to other websites, you would need to provide information such as: credit card number, name on credit card, expiry of credit card, security code etc.


5. After I have purchased an e-book or a product from PTI, can I exchange for another e-book or product?

Answer: Once purchased, all e-books and products of PTI are not exchangeable. In case the e-book/product cannot be opened/used, PTI may arrange another access for you.


6. After I have purchased an e-book / product from PTI, can I request for refund?

Answer: Once purchased and paid by our customers, no refund under any circumstances is allowed. Therefore, customers are advised to think carefully before buying the e-books &/or products.


7. Regarding payment for purchase of e-books of PTI, what does my payment represent?

Answer: The payment you make represents licence fees to access and read on PTI’s website a particular e-book you have selected, and it does not in any way represent granting of ownership of intellectual property rights nor copyright of any part of our e-books.


8. For short online courses (SOCs), how many times can I access the online course enrolled?

Answer: For SOCs, usually the course participant can access once only.


9. Are SOCs attended eligible to claim CPT/CPD?

Answer: Yes.


10. For e-books purchased, can I print it?

Answer: For copyright protection, PTI’s policy is not to allow printing of any of our e-books. However, after you have logged in at PTI’s website and entered the required password, you can access the e-books you have purchased.


11. Are all the products on PTI’s website developed by PTI?

Answer: While most products sold on PTI’s website are developed by PTI, PTI also sells products of our business partners. However, PTI will select only suitable products and products of acceptable quality.


12. How can I receive future product updates of PTI?

Answer: If you want to receive further product updates from PTI, please register with PTI. By registering as a member, you will automatically receive update of PTI, including our products


13. How can I send my comments/suggestions to PTI?

Answer: PTI welcomes and values comments/suggestions of our customers/members. Please send to:



14. How to close my User Account?

Answer: Please send an email to the following email address: (or choose CANCEL option after login)


Please include the following information in your email:

(1) Login name

(2) Registered User number

(3) Name

We will reserve our rights to verify your identity for your request to close your User Account.

Please note once we have received request to close your User Account, such request will not be reversible nor revocable. If in future, you would like to make purchase(s) of our product(s), you need to register all over again.


15. What will be the effect of closing my account?

Answer: Closing your account would mean you no longer have access to your User Account, or access e-books or other products you have purchased (if any) from PTI earlier.

After cancelling User Account, if you want to re-join or purchase another e-book/ product, you would need to register all over again.

Therefore, please think carefully, before cancelling your account.