FAQs – FCR Online MBA


FAQs – FCR Online MBA


Financing & Capital Raising Online MBA



Uniqueness of The FCR Online Programme


Q: How is The FCR Online MBA (FCR Online MBA) different from other MBA programmes?


You may have experiences learning theoretical/purely academic knowledge in classes which are seldom used in real business world. Such experiences are not uncommon. Spend your precious time to learn knowledge & skills which are practical.

Our Financing & Capital Raising Online MBA (FCR Online MBA) is distinguished from other MBA/Online MBA Programmes from below aspects:

High Practicality: The FCR Online MBA is a very practical online pure distance learning course based on executive & practitioner experiences of bankers, investment bankers, private equity, listed cos & finance.

Essential Knowledge: Raising funding & financing are crucial knowledge for cos to thrive & survive, no matter size of the co.

Great Flexibility: Subject to exemption requirements and our approval, participants can claim exemptions for FCRP™ programme completed.


Financing & Capital Raising Professional™

Re FCRP™,  ALL of below requirements have to be fulfilled :

  • Passed WHOLE FCRPTM Programme.
  • However, you can still claim exemption, even though not yet fulfilled qualification requirements & not yet certified as FCRPTM
  • Passed FCRPTM Programme within 2 years prior to application date of FCR Online MBA
  • For each module/subject, minimum overall assessment of 60% has been attained,
  • Each module is assessed individually & approval for exemption is granted on separate basis
  • Approval by PTI & Our PDLC Partners

Live Online Tutorials: In addition to pre-recorded online lectures, for guidance to our participants, live tutor-led online tutorials held at predetermined dates & time are included.

Can be More Readily Applied to Real Business World: As our courses are highly practical, relevant knowledge is expected to have relatively higher applicability to business setting, potentially helping you to add value more quickly.

Expedite Learning: By sharing our distinguished senior executive & practitioner experiences of over 100 years in total, you can leverage on our successful & exemplary achievements, saving many years to acquire hands-on experiences yourself.


Q: What sort of practical knowledge can be obtained from The FCR Online MBA Programme?

Answer: The FCRP™ Programme encompasses various aspects of financing & capital raising from practical hands-on perspectives.



Entry Requirements


Q: What are entry requirements of FCR Online MBA?


(1)   21 years old or above; and

(2)  (a) University undergraduate degree, or  (b) 2 years or more full-time working experiences


Q: What are expected benefits of the FCR Online MBA?

  • Highly practical knowledge
  • Essential skills for cos, for both survival & growth
  • Knowledge & skills which can be relatively ready to apply to business setting
  • Anticipated tremendous time saving to accumulate hands-on experience yourself
  • Our Advisory Committee, & instructors etc. with pre-eminent executives & business leadership experiences
  • Attaining multiple goals: Subject to relevant qualification requirements, you can be awarded:

(1) MBA Degree from IPE Management School of Paris (IPE-Paris) in France,

(2) FCRP™ by International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) of UK, and

(3) Membership of IPMA (MPMA)

  • Unique programme
  • Great flexibility: You can complete the Programme in 2 years, up to maximum of 5 years
  • Convenience: Pre-recorded online lectures can be studied anytime, anywhere.
  • Extend your network: After joining as member of IPMA, you can become part of IPMA global community, extending your network to multiple countries



FCRP™ Professional Designation


Q: What professional designation will I get, after passing same 4 modules & becoming a FCRP™?

Answer: Upon passing the same 4 modules of FCRP , as well as fulfilling FCRPqualification requirements, you would also be awarded the Financing & Capital Raising Professional (FCRP™) designation by The International Professional Managers’ Association (“IPMA”) of UK.


Q: What is background of IPMA?

Answer: IPMA is a renowned international examining & professional body. IPMA’s objectives include providing managers with opportunity to improve managerial performance and effectiveness in areas of business, industry and public administration.

IPMA and in collaboration with various management schools, business schools, universities, institutions, colleges, training centres, and other business partners etc. around the world have organised trainings for CEOs, executive trainings, leadership trainings, specialist trainings, global conferences, international conferences, HR & talent management conferences and other professional trainings in Europe, UK, France, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam,  Middle East, Africa etc.

Graduates/students of The Certified International Professional Managers (“CIPM”) Qualifying Examinations of IPMA are granted direct entry/exemptions* for International Executive MBA, and MBAs:


Group Paris Graduate School of Management, France

  • Accepts IPMA’s CIPM graduates for direct entry to International Executive MBA.
  • IPMA’s CIPM graduate members will be allowed exemption from 4 subjects of Group Paris Graduate School of Manager, Francis’ 10 subject MBA.


IPE Management School Paris, France

  • Offers IPMA’s CIPM graduates student entry to Bachelor and Masters
  • IPMA’s CIPM students who complete Foundation and Intermediate exams are granted entry to 3rd year of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree
  • IPMA’s CIPM students who have completed Professional Levels 1 & 2 exams of CIPM Qualifying Examinations would be granted 45 ECTS credits towards 90 ECTS credit MBA

Exam scheme of CIPM Qualifying Examinations has been benchmarked by UK NARIC against UK National Quality Framework (NQF) of National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom.

NOTE:  *
Direct entry/exemptions for other programmes of IPMA are NOT applicable to graduates of /qualified FCRP™ nor FCR Online MBA.



Target Course Participants


Q: If I am owner of a private company, would the FCR Online MBA be useful for me?

Answer: It is expected FCR Online MBA would be useful for cos, no matter for private, listed, or multinational cos.


Q: If I am CFO of a listed company, will FCR Online MBA be of use to me?

Answer: Although your Co has already listed, it is believed subjects like bank financing etc. would be of use to your Co.


Q: What is the Career Expected for a graduate of the FCR Online MBA?

Answer: Upon graduation from the FCR Online MBA, you should have gained essential & highly practical knowledge and skills in financings and capital raising, in better position to escalate career ladder, & be better equipped for more senior positions.


Q: How to Enrol for FCR Online MBA?

Answer: To enrol for FCR Online MBA, pls. complete & submit the FCR Online MBA Application Form, required documents, & pay FCR Online MBA – Pay Application Fee, which is non-refundable. After your application is accepted, you would be informed by email re paying course tuition fees.


Q: What kind of fees are payable in order to enrol for The FCR Online MBA?

Answer: You have to pay application fee and course tuition fee. Non-refundable application fee is payable at application. If you application is successful, tuition fee would be also payable.


Q: How much time do I have to finish the whole Online MBA?

Answer: You can finish the Online MBA in 2 years soonest, & up to 5 years maximum.


Q: What is enrolment schedule for FCR Online MBA?

Answer:  Each year, two intakes with respective deadline:

     Winter Semester (starting January):  1 November 


     Summer Semester (starting July): 1 May



Studying / Study Materials


Q: Do I need to purchase study materials?

Answer: Yes, you would need to purchase textbooks. Pls. note our course fees do NOT include textbooks. Upon successful enrolment, Suggested Readings List with respective selling price will be available to you.


Q: What will be mode of study?

Answer:  Since FCR Online MBA is an online pure distance learning course, pre-recorded online lectures & live online tutorials at predetermined schedules would be provided.


Q: Where will be the venue for the online exam be held?

Answer: It can be held at your home or a room you can ensure you are alone & privacy during the online exam. However, the online exam should be completed by the course participant himself or herself. We treat dishonest behaviour very seriously. Participants are kindly reminded dishonest behaviour would result in disqualification, & will be disallowed to enrol again.



Assessment/Online Exams


Q: What will be assessments for the FCR Online MBA?


For Each Module

For each module, a participant will be assessed based on:

  • Two Course Reflection Assignments, based on practical cases, &
  • One three hour open-book online exam, or project.


For Final Year

For completing the whole MBA Programme, you would need to submit a Final Year Project/dissertation within 12 weeks after start of Final Year Project/dissertation module.

Before you commence your dissertation,  you will have to present a Dissertation Proposal with maximum of 1,000 words, covering:

  • Topic of dissertation
  • Relevance of the topic with regard to The FCR Online MBA Programme
  • Abstract of the dissertation etc.

The Dissertation Proposal will be moderated and approved by a member of academic staff of IPE Management School Paris, in conjunction with PTI.

Pls. refer to IPE Student Handbook, available to you upon successful enrolment.


Q: What are objectives of the Online Exams?

Answer: The online exams includes case studies, which may include case studies published/used by globally reputable management school. Objective is to test participant’s ability to apply practical knowledge to business scenarios, and to test decision making ability.


Q: What is/are the model(s) of calculator allowed for Online Exams?

Answer: There is no restriction on the type or model number for calculators allowed to be used during an Online Exam.



System Testing


Q: Any system testing needed prior to Online Exam?

Answer: Yes. Prior to taking the Online Exam, participants have to test whether their computer and internet network can access our online exam system.



Online Exam Paper Policy


Q: Will my marked answers be returned to me after the Online Exam?

Answer: Marked answers sheets (including your answers) will NOT be returned to the participant. PTI has rights, at our sole & absolute discretion, to determine how records of the marked answers will be maintained or destroyed, without any obligation to inform or to obtain consent of participant.



Undertakings Declaration Statement (UDS)


Q: What is Undertakings Declaration Statement (UDS)?

Answer: To maintain high level of standard, integrity, honesty and code of conduct, course participants are required to read, understand and comply with The Undertakings Declaration Statement (The UDS) on an ongoing basis.

The participant undertakings as stipulated in The UDS represent a participant’s commitment to proper conduct, including honesty, no cheating nor misconduct etc., but also adherence to high level of professional and ethical standards.


Q: When do I have to submit compliance to The UDS?

Answer: The UDS has to be submitted when:



Refund Policy


Q: What is PTI’s refund policy? Is there any situation I can get refund?

Answer: All fees paid (including but not limited to registration fees and enrolment fees) can not be refunded.



Upon successful enrolment, course participants would access the Student Handbook, which contains detailed guidance, rules & regulations etc. of The FCR Online MBA Programme.



  1. The FCR Online MBA is an online pure distance learning course and is not subject to registration requirements in HK.
  2. The FCR Online MBA would NOT cover any country- or region-specific regulations, knowledge, practices etc. regarding financing & capital raising, unless explicitly stated for a particular module / subject.