The FCRP™ Certification & Professional Designation Policy

The FCRP™ Certification & Professional Designation Policy (v.2.0)

7 March 2020


The Financing & Capital Raising Professional™ Programme Certification & Professional Designation Policy (The FCRP™ Certification & Professional Designation Policy) governs certification for the Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM (FCRPTM) professional designation, use of the professional designation, as well as ongoing requirements for certified FCRPsTM.


Professional Designation


Upon passing the required assessments of The FCRPTM Programme, and fulfilment of the qualification requirements (including but not limited to working experiences), and subject to approval by IPMA of UK and PTI, a course participant could become a certified “Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM (FCRPTM)” and would be able to use the designation certified Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM or certified FCRPTM.




The certification requirements for The FCRPTM Programme are as follows:

  1. Passing the required assessments
  2. Possessing 3 years of required relevant financings & capital raising working experiences, and with accpetable proof provided
  3. Membership of IPMA of UK, i.e. either members (MPMA) or fellow members (FPMA)
  4. Other requirements as determined from time to time at IPMA/PTI’s sole discretion

Note: ALL of the above requirements are required to be fulfilled concurrently.


To use the designation Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM or FCRPTM, you would need to be either a current member (MPMA) or fellow member (FPMA) of IPMA. If your membership with IPMA is not renewed/maintained, you can no longer use the designation Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM or FCRPTM.


Experience Requirements


In addition to passing the required assessments of The FCRPTM Programme, course participants have to fulfil three years of relevant full time working experiences in financings & capital raising.

Part-time job, internship, summer job or teaching experiences do not qualify as relevant experiences. Only full time job and industry practitioner experiences qualify as relevant experiences.

Please send the proof of your relevant work experiences, with the application signed by your current/past immediate supervisor(s).

It is crucial to note work experiences must be fulfilled within 7 years of passing all  the FCRPTM assessments. Failure to achieve the experience requirements &/or provide necessary proof within 7 years after passing the assessments will lead to the assessment results becoming expired and void.


Membership of IPMA


Upon certified as FCRPTM, the course participant will become a Member of IPMA (i.e. MPMA). After becoming a MPMA for 5 years, the member can apply for upgrade to Fellow Member of IPMA (i.e. FPMA), subject to approval by IPMA/PTI.

For FPMAs who are currently also at senior executive level, they are eligible to apply for approval for Honorary Fellowship with IPMA.

Membership of IPMA are subject to payment of application fees, and annual renewal fees, approval by IPMA/PTI, CPD requirements, and other relevant requirements, if any.


Ongoing Requirements for Certified FCRPTM


A FCRP (whether MPMA, FPMA, or Honorary Fellow) has to fulfil all of the following ongoing requirements:

  • Annual CPD requirements of 30 hours per year, to maintain high level of professional standards, & keep up-to-date about dynamic markets
  • Payment of annual membership fees
  • Ongoing compliance with undertakings as stated in The FCRP™ Undertakings Declaration Statement.


The FCRP Undertakings Declaration Statement


The FCRP Undertakings Declaration Statement sets out professional conduct that a FCRPTM needs to uphold and comply with. Declaration of compliance to After a course participant has passed both levels of FCRP™,  The FCRP™ Undertakings Declaration Statement is required:

(1) Upon becoming a FCRPTM and

(2) Annually.


In case of any potential breach of the Undertakings Declaration Statement, such as investigation, disciplinary action etc. by any professional body, the FCRP™ has to inform PTI immediately by emailing:


The FCRP™ Designation


The FCRPTM designation is a prestigious certification in financing and capital raising. The FCRPTM designation represents achievement in mastering the pre-eminent standards and practical knowledge of raising financings & capital. A certified FCRPTM also demonstrates he/she has attained the required ethical and professional standards.

The FCRPTM designation signifies expertise in financing and capital raising, possessing high level of practicality, achievement, professionalism, recognition, with potential to contribute and add value to cos.

The FCRPTM designation is certified by the globally-renowned and long-standing International Professional Managers’ Association (IPMA) of UK. IPMA is collaborating with various universities, institutions & training companies etc. in various countries.


Proper Use of the FCRP™ Designation


FCRPTM is registered trademark and must be used with proper care to maintain its professionalism. Course participants who have passed required assessments, fulfilled the qualification requirements (including working experiences), submitted relevant work experience proof and after obtaining approval by IPMA/PTI, he/she will receive a certificate.

Only upon receipt of the FCRPTM certificate issued by IPMA, the course participant can describe himself/herself as a “certified Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM” or a “certified FCRPTM

Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM and FCRPTM are registered trademarks. The first alphabet of each word of Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM and FCRPTM should always be written in capital letters.

NO revision or modification of the name should be allowed, such as Capital Raising Professional etc.

Except a certified FCRPTM, NO company, institution, entity or person should use “Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM” or “FCRPTM” without prior written consent of IPMA/PTI.

NO company, institution, entity or person should implicitly state or imply any association, relationship with Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM, FCRPTM , IPMA or PTI without our prior written consent.

Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM or FCRPTM should NOT be used in any domain, website, email or company/organisation name, business card, curriculum vitae, promotional material, brochure, material or any printed, electronic or other communications etc. without prior written consent of PTI.

PTI reserves all our rights over both the Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM and FCRPTM trademarks, and will pursue legal action for any breach of our copyrights.  Pls. refer to The FCRP™ Programme Intellectual Property & Copyright Policy.


The FCRP™ Certification & Professional Designation Policy is subject to revision from time to time without any notice to you, and is deemed to have come to your notice from the time the revised version is posted on our website(s), and will be binding on you with immediate effect.