The FCRP™ Appeal & Remarking Policy

The FCRP™ Appeal & Remarking Policy (v. 2.0)

20 March 2020


The Financing & Capital Raising Professional™ Programme Appeal & Remarking Policy (The FCRP™ Appeal & Remarking Policy) sets out our policy regarding appeals to assessment results and requests for remarking.

A course participant of The FCRPTM Programme may request for remaking of his/her answers submitted for a FCRPTM assessment, subject to payment of remarking fee.

The request must be submitted within 2 weeks of date of release of the assessment results, and late requests will not be accepted in any event.

Course participants have to take note the remarking may not result in change in assessment results, since our marking process is a very stringent process and is subject to moderation & quality assurance.

The remarking fee paid will not be refundable in any case, even if it eventually results in change in the course participant’s assessment results.

Pertaining to Post-graduate Diploma, please also refer to Student Handbook of IPE Management School of Paris (IPE-Paris), available to you upon successful enrolment.  In case of discrepancy, the stricter rule(s) will generally prevail. However, we reserve our rights to exercise discretion to decide which rule(s) to apply.


The FCRP™ Programme Appeal & Remarking Policy is subject to revision from time to time without any notice to you, and is deemed to have come to your notice from the time the revised version is posted on our website(s), and will be binding on you with immediate effect.