The FCRP™ Enrolment Policy

The FCRP™ Enrolment Policy (v.3.0)

8 May 2020


The Financing & Capital Raising Professional™ Programme Enrolment Policy (The FCRP™ Enrolment Policy) has stated our policy concerning enrolment of course participants for The FCRPTM Programme.




For new course participants, or whose registration has expired for The FCRPTM Programme, registration fee is payable. Registration fee for The FCRPTM Programme is valid for three years (Programme Completion Expiry, or validity period). During validity period, you only have to pay enrolment fees.

If a candidate do not complete the whole FCRPTM  Programme within the validity period, you would need to re-register again & pay the registration fee again.

The FCRPTM Programme is extendible for maximum 1 year subject to payment of Deferral of Programme Completion Expiry fee, i.e. after deferral of the Programme validity period, total maximum 4 years to complete from initial registration.




Two intakes each year with respective deadline:

         Summer Semester (starting July): 1 May of that year

         Winter Semester (starting January): 1 November of the preceding year


For a particular semester of The FCRPTM Programme, course participants are reminded after it has passed final deadline, no admission is possible. You have to enrol for the Programme in the following Semester.



Course participants are kindly reminded The Financing and Capital Raising ProfessionalTM (FCRPTM) Programme is an online pure distance learning course and is not subject to registration requirements in Hong Kong.



Entry Requirements


(1) Individual person 21 years old or above; AND

(2) Hold an university undergraduate degree, plus 2 years working experiences*, or 4 years or more full-time working experiences*




Currently, you can use your credit card to pay. However, we reserve our rights to accept or decline a particular form of payment &/or a particular credit card.

All fees paid (including but not limited to registration fees and enrolment fees) cannot be refunded, transferred, assigned. A course participant also can not withdraw for any of the FCRPTM courses &/or assessments registered &/or enrolled.

After a course participant has paid for enrolment fee &/or registration fee for the FCRPTM assessment, the course participant will receive a “Sales Receipt” through email, which serves as receipt of fee payment. Please check your email to make sure you have received the Sales Receipt.

If a course participant does not receive the Sales Receipt after making payment, please email us:

For any discrepancy or query regarding registration &/or enrolment, you need to inform us within seven calendar days after date of payment/transaction. If no objection or query is received by us, our Sales Receipt will be considered correct, final and conclusive.


Refund Policy


All fees paid (including but not limited to registration fees and enrolment fees) can not be refunded.

In addition, once paid, a course participant also can not withdraw or transfer from The FCRPTM Programme enrolled to another Programme(s) or qualification(s).


Pertaining to Post-graduate Diploma, please also refer to Student Handbook of IPE Management School of Paris (IPE-Paris), available to you upon successful enrolment.  In case of discrepancy, the stricter rule(s) will generally prevail. However, we reserve our rights to exercise discretion to decide which rule(s) to apply.


The FCRP™ Programme Enrolment Policy is subject to revision from time to time without any notice to you, and is deemed to have come to your notice from the time the revised version is posted on our website, and will be binding on you with immediate effect.