The FCRP™ Undertakings Declaration Statement (UDS)

The FCRP™ Undertakings Declaration Statement (UDS) (v.2.0)

18 February 2020


The Financing & Capital Raising Professional™ Programme Undertakings Declaration Statement (The FCRP™ Undertakings Declaration Statement or The FCRP™ UDS) are applicable to course participants of The FCRP™ Programme as well as certified Financing & Capital Raising Professionals™ or certified FCRPs™ (collectively “Financing & Capital Raising Experts” or “FCRP Experts”).

To maintain high level of professional standard, integrity, and honesty, the FCRP Experts are required to read, understand, comply with, and declare compliance with undertakings in “The FCRPTM Undertakings Declaration Statement” on ongoing basis.

The undertakings as stipulated in The FCRPUDS represent:

  • A course participant`s commitment to proper conduct, including regarding online exams and assessments; and
  • For FCRPs™ Experts, honesty, and adherence to high level of professional and ethical standards etc..


FCRPTM Professional Undertakings


The “Financing & Capital Raising Experts” have to (1) declare compliance, and (2) undertake to continue to comply to the following on ongoing basis:

  • The FCRPTM Code of Conduct
  • All laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction(s)
  • Do not engage in any fraudulent or illegal activities
  • All the policies, rules and regulations (as updated by PTI &/or IPMA from time to time) applicable to the Financing & Capital Raising Experts.
  • You do and will not, whether electronically or by other means, download (except as allowed), print (except as allowed), copy, take any PICTURE, share, reproduce, imitate, save, record in any form, format or using any tool, make duplicate copy in any form, format or using any tool, distribute, disseminate, sell, resell, rent, lease, transfer, assign, license, or sublicensing the study materials, assessment questions, or answer sheet (including any part thereof relating to any of the documents mentioned), without our prior written consent;
  • You do not and will not engage in any activity or action to improve your FCRPTM assessment results in a dishonest or misconduct manner;
  • You do not and will not engage in any activity or action to help another person or persons to improve assessment(s) results of the course participant(s) in a dishonest manner;
  • You do not and will not engage in any assessment Misconduct & Violation Activities, as stipulated in The FCRPTM Assessment Policy
  • You do not and will not engage in any activity or action to infringe copyrights  &/or intellectual property rights of PTI &/or IPMA &/or any of our PDLC Partners &/or Our Business Partners &/or third parties whose websites are linked to or referenced from website(s) of PTI;
  • From time to time, you would visit website(s) of PTI &/or Our PDLCs Partners, and to read, understand and comply with the latest revision of The PDLCTC, The Terms & Conditions, The STC including other policies, rules and regulations of PTI, as well as policies, rules and regulations of Our PDLCs Partners, & Business Partners;
  • To comply with all the applicable terms & conditions of relevant agreements, and any other policies, rules and regulations of PTI, Our PDLCs Partners, and Our Business Partners on ongoing basis;
  • To collaborate and provide the necessary information, in the event we are required by any regulatory, government or tax authorities of the relevant country / jurisdiction to provide further details regarding your country / jurisdiction of taking your assessment(s), your enrolment, and any other information;
  • You comply with & will continue to comply with all applicable rules, regulations, and by-laws of all applicable professional body(ies);
  • You do not and will not engage in any activity or action that would hamper reputation of IPMA, &/or PTI, &/or any of our Pure Distance Learning Course Partners (Our PDLC Partners) &/or Our Business Partners &/or the financing and capital raising sector;
  • Other events determined as breaching professional undertakings, high level of ethical standards, professional behavour expected for FCRPs™ Experts, as determined by IPMA &/or PTI  &/or any of our Pure Distance Learning Course Partners (Our PDLC Partners) &/or Our Business Partners at our sole & absolute discretion.


The “FCRPTM Professional Undertakings” do not only represent FCRPTM Expert’s commitment to proper conduct, including honesty, abstaining from any misconduct etc. including but not limited to assessments, but also upholding high level of professional and ethical standards.


Consequences for Non-compliance of/Breaching The FCRPTM UDS


If you fail to fully comply with any &/or fail to submit compliance declaration to the Undertakings Declaration Statement, &/or if your compliance status fails to achieve the required standards as required as mentioned above, as determined at sole & absolute discretion of PTI, we can exercise our rights to:

  • Revoke, cancel and terminate your rights to take ALL of the assessments (including but not limited to the assessment in question), but also ALL other online & other courses & exams you have enrolled and your user account;
  • ALL your assessments results (INCLUDING THOSE YOU HAVE PASSED EARLIER) will become void;
  • Fees paid will be forfeited and will not be refunded;
  • Your rights to access our study materials (if any), to use your User Account, and our website(s);
  • Your qualifications (including those obtained earlier) awarded by IPMA, &/or any of our PDLC Partners &/or Business Partners would become void & will be revoked with immediate effect;
  • Your membership with IPMA, and other membership with all our PDLCs Partners and with our Business Partners if any, would also be revoked, cancelled and terminated; and 
  • Other consequences &/or penalties as determined at our sole and absolute discretion etc.


When to Submit Declaration of Compliance to The FCRPTM UDS


  1. At enrolment &/or registration of The FCRPTM Programme, or
  2. At application for membership with IPMA, upon passing required assessments, and fulfilment of other qualification requirements; or
  3. After admission as member of IPMA, annually when IPMA membership is renewed; or
  4. Any time as required by PTI &/or IPMA on ad-hoc basis.



Pertaining to Post-graduate Diploma, please also refer to Student Handbook of IPE Management School of Paris (IPE-Paris), available to you upon successful enrolment.  In case of discrepancy, the stricter rule(s) will generally prevail. However, we reserve our rights to exercise discretion to decide which rule(s) to apply.


The FCRP™ Undertakings Declaration Statement is subject to revision from time to time on an ongoing basis without any notice to you. From the time the revised version of The FCRP™ Undertakings Declaration Statement is posted on our website, the revised version of the FCRP™ UDS is deemed to have come to your notice, and will be binding on you with immediate effect.