FCRP™ – Studying & Assessment

FCRP™ – Studying & Assessment


Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM   (FCRPTM)

FCRP™ Suggested Readings List (FCRP™ SRL)


Upon enrolment, participants of The FCRP™ Programme would be provided with the FCRP™ Suggested Readings List for the First Year (FCRP™ SRL-1).

The textbooks are NOT included in course tuition fees, and have to be paid additionally.



For pre-recorded online lectures of FCRPTM, you can access any time during the Programme validity, after the course is released.

To allow course participants more ample time to comprehend, and digest the knowledge & skills, live online tutor-led tutorials are held from January-March, & July to September only.

For each participant’s benefits, each participants is advised to prepare & read up relevant sections of the books / materials on The SRL before taking each respective online lecture or attending each live online tutorial.

For each module, pre-recorded online lectures are accessible during validity of your Programme, usually 2 years since that course participant’s FCRP™ programme commences.

Our online tutorials would be live, held at pre-determined schedule as determined at our sole discretion. If a participant is not able to attend online, there would be NO make-up tutorial.



For Each Module


Each module is assessed based on:

(1) Two Course Reflection Assignments

(2) One three hour open-book Online Exam, or Project


For each module, Online Exam will only be held once a year.

If you can not take the Online Exam, you can apply to retake/defer, but must be supported by valid reasons, & documentary proof, subject to deferral fee. Each Online Exam can only be deferred once only

If deferral of Online Exam also results in deferral of programme completion, you would also need to apply for Deferral of Programme Completion Expiry concurrently. See below


Programme Completion Expiry


Upon enrolment, you have 3 years to complete The FCRP™ Programme.

If you would like to defer completion of The FCRP™ Programme, you would like to apply for Deferral of Programme Completion Expiry. Each enrolment can only be extended once only, for one year altogether,

Pls. refer to The FCRP™ Submission Extension & Deferral PolicyIn addition, candidates should also refer to IPE-Paris’ Student Handbook, available upon enrolment.